Community Projects

Photofusion has a busy Outreach and Creative Engagement department. Using our excellent resources and accessible location, highly trained and CRB checked tutors, we offer in-house and outreach photography programmes for the local community.

With a strong track record of fundraising, we are able to offer an exciting and innovative programme for local young people (aged under 25).

If you would like to get in touch with us about a partnership plan or idea please email, we’d love to hear from you.

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Below you’ll find information about our recent projects. To see our projects archive click here…

JANUARY 2014: The Wasteland

Evelyn Grace Academy, Clore Duffield Poetry Foundation, and Brixton Learning Alliance

Adrian Wood + 15 volunteers

2014 jump-started itself with the help of 15 volunteer photographers, A LOT of Polaroid and 180 year 8 students from Evelyn Grace Academy. This exciting cross-curricular project saw photography and poetry sit harmoniously side by side in sub-zero temperatures. Without exception, students took their very own unique Polaroid interpretation of T S Eliot’s The Wasteland. The poems and photographs were later displayed at the school and 6 winners were selected to have their work shown in the Electric Lane gallery outside Photofusion.

Photofusion Community Project | The Wasteland

Photofusion Community | The Wasteland Photofusion Community | The Wasteland Photofusion Community | The Wasteland Photofusion Community | The Wasteland Photofusion Community | The Wasteland


FEBRUARY 2014: Birthday party project

Lambeth Age UK, Organised Youth, Arts Council Grants for the Arts

Lydia Goldblatt

Photofusion member Lydia Goldblatt was successful in securing Arts Council funding for a photographic project, which included an intergenerational element. Using previous intergenerational projects a model, Lydia worked with Photofusion’s Organised Youth and Lambeth Age UK to explore the photographic significance and symbols of birthday parties. Using personal archive photographs, elders from Lambeth Age UK and young people from Organised Youth worked together to distill the perfect, timeless birthday party.


MARCH 2014: International Women’s Day pop-up studio

Brixton Live

Jemella Binns & Scarlett Crawford

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Photofusion worked with Brixton Live to deliver a pop-up studio for women of all ages that passed through Brixton market that Saturday. We photographed over 100 women aged 2 to 82, complete with their shopping, their sister-in-laws, their friends and their children. Sitters got a personal printout of their photograph and as word spread around the market, a queue formed around the studio that didn’t disappear until our printer ran out of ink.

Photofusion Community | International Women's Day Photofusion Community | International Women's Day Photofusion Community | International Women's Day Photofusion Community | International Women's Day


APRIL 2014: Film on Film Club – Blow Up 2014

Princes Trust, Into Film

Eddie Otchere and Lizzy King

With our increasing presence of video in our projects, but our commitment to all things photography, we designed a project that looked at the long love affair between photography and cinema. A list of self-referential films that celebrate and challenge photography was drawn up, and then, in the company of 10 young people at the Princes Trust we started watching them. Cinema Pardiso, Blow Up, City of God, La Jetee, Rear Window, Amelie and memento all featured on our viewing list. The group fixed on Blow Up and within a week of watching all sorts of cinema, found themselves on location in Marion Park re-shooting key scenes from the film.

Photofusion Community Project | Blow Up 2014

The students had never worked cameras before, or edited their own footage. So the work produced, in less than 5 days is a true testament to what good inspiration, strong mentoring and committed young people can achieve.


MAY 2014:KORI spring project

KORI youth centre, A New Direction

Adrian Wood and Hannah Kay

KORI youth club in Haringey is a busy centre with a range of sports, arts and practical training courses for the young men that attend their afterschool provision. Having worked with Photofusion last year, they asked to work with us again to extend their photographic practice, this time linking photography to their strong creative writing skills. Across the 6-week course, young people explored through photography and the written word their aspirations for themselves.

Photofusion Community Project | KORI Youth Centre


JUNE 2014: Film on Film Club II

Princes Trust, Into Film, lab

Eddie Otchere and James Holcombe

After the success of the first Film On Film Club, Photofusion partnered with photochemical filmmaking lab lab to push the project a little further in its second installment. Still working with Princes Trust, and still working on the same foundations, we introduced our new group of young people to James Broughton’s The Pleasure Gardens. After getting over the black and white filming, and the dubbed sound, our group of young people engaged with the concepts of youth, rebellion and self-expression facilitated by the great London parks.

Photofusion Community Project | Film Club II

Within hours of the credits rolling, we were on-site on Crystal Palace Park using Lab’s Bolex cameras to re-imagine the youth escapism of Broughton’s 1950s Film. A further day of shooting with Photofusion’s DSLRs completed the story of young friendships formed in London parks. The completed film, The Stranger Dream was edited and scored by the young film makers, actors and editors and beautifully fuses the digital and photochemical film making they had been taught on this course.


JULY 2014: I Am Your Neighbour

Ovalhouse, Organised Youth

Adrian Wood

With our long-term collaborators Ovalhouse Theatre due to move into Brixton in 2016, their new neighbours (us) worked with them to gently introduce them to our neighbourhood. Over a number of days Photofusion’s Organised Youth ran a taster photographic workshop and later a pop-up studio for the community. The photographs taken were later displayed at Brixton East, just round the corner from Ovalhouse’s future home.

Photofusion Community Project | I Am Your Neighbour

Photofusion Community Project | I Am Your Neighbour


AUGUST 2014: Summer Uni x 2

Lambeth CYPS

Adrian Wood, Derek Wiafe, and Tim Mitchell

Summer is never a quiet time in the community department at Photofusion. This year was no exception with two Summer University programmes and a residential.

The Summer Universities both based themselves in Photofusion’s darkrooms, using Street Photography as a theme. Each University worked with 12 young people. The first week used street portraiture as a theme. Each young person was given a 35mm SLR, and a couple of roles of Ilford HP5 film each. On location in Brixton and the South Bank street portraits were taken the later printed in Photofusion’s darkroom.

Photofusion Community Project | Summer Uni 2014

The second week of activity pushed the theme of street to new levels, using the physical street as the means by which photographs were captured. An never-before-seen family of pinhole cameras were made out of found items from Brixton Market, and with sporadic light, determination and days of tweaking, a series of spooky, beautiful and unique pinhole photographs were created.

Photofusion Community Project | Summer Uni 2014

Photofusion Community Project | Summer Uni 2014


AUGUST 2014: KORI Residential

KORI youth club, A New Direction

Jemella Binns and Scarlett Crawford

Also in August 12 young people from KORI in North London, alongside two tutors from Photofusion headed off into the Sussex countryside on a residential visit. Taking inspiration from their changed surroundings, poets and Photofusion’s tutors delivered a simple but engaging workshop that saw each young person contribute to an audiovisual piece that explored the conflicts between the city and countryside.


SEPTEMBER 2014: Healthy Relationships

Lambeth Youth Offending Service

Karen Knox, Scarlett Crawford & Lizzy King

Photofusion has a long-term partnership with Lambeth’s Youth Offending Service. As school returned, we started the second round of our Healthy Relationships projects for young men. On this 10-week programme, young men used photography and drama skills to explore and develop their interpersonal and relationship skills.

OCTOBER 2014: Children in Need

In October, after 4 months of anxious waiting, we received the news that Photofusion’s Community Department had been successful in securing three-year funding from Children In Need to continue and develop our Healthy Relationships programme with Lambeth Youth Offending Team. With Children In Need’s generous support, our tutors will receive further training, and we will be able to extend our provision to young women. Each year until 2017, we will deliver accredited programmes for young offenders.

Photofusion Community Project | Children in Need


NOVEMBER 2014: Young Women’s Project

Gaia Centre, Woodward Charity

Scarlett Crawford & Lizzy King

In November Photofusion piloted a series of workshops with the Gaia Centre in Lambeth. On these workshops we used photography to teach young women how to celebrate the positive elements of their personalities and look at their aspirations for the future. Working with professional make-up artists we discussed the concept of wellbeing and the links between positive physical and emotional health. By giving each young person hands-on experience at a photo shoot, with make-up artist and digital retouching, we shed light on the transformative effects of pre- and post-production and were successful in highlighting how some impossible beauty myths are created. The all-female environment was lively, loud and honest, a great end to the year.

Photofusion Community Project | Young Womens Project


DECEMBER 2014: How Great Thou Art – Elder’s Workshops

Arts Council England, Lambeth Age UK, Healthy Eaters

Dr. Michael McMillan

To support Charlie Phillips’ How Great Thou Art exhibition, Photofusion’s community department hosted a 1-day elders workshop, facilitated by Dr. Michael McMillan. The day included a round table discussion with elders about their interpretation of Charlie’s photographic retrospective and discussion about their own, very contemporary ideas of death, dying and business of burial. Conversation with frank, free-flowing and very very funny.

Photofusion Community Project | How Great Thou Art