Alternative Processes | Salt Printing

On this one-day hands-on alternative processes workshop you will learn how to make one of the earliest forms of photograph, a salt print. Click HERE to see examples of salt printing.

The day starts with a short introduction to salt printing’s history.

We then move to our Digital Suite where learn to make a Digital Negative (the better the negative we have the better the salt print we will make).

We then move to the darkroom to learn about the chemicals involved and how to mix them. We then coat the papers in salt and then in a silver nitrate solution and then make our first test exposures under UV light (if it’s a sunny day then under sunlight). From this first test print we make a final print, wash and fix the image and then repeat the process throughout the day, perfecting our techniques as we progress.

Please note:
You are welcome to bring along analogue B&W negatives to make salt prints from but unless they are large format negatives most people will need to make a negative from a digital file (details about file sizes etc will be sent to all participants before the workshop begins).

Price includes £15 materials fee

We now have a digital negative printing service. Info & prices…

Salt Printing Course

Image © Sarah Pickering

Dates: 19 November 2017
Days: Sunday
Time: 11:00 - 17:00
Length: 1 Day
Tutor: Paul Ellis
Fee: £145.00
Places: 6 places left