Martin Newth | Camera Obscura Workshop

Most of us are familiar with the concept of the camera obscura, but how many of us have ever made one? Or produced images from one? The camera obscura is a technology that predates all photography and stretches as far back as the ancient Chinese or beyond. Famously used by painters such a Vermeer, the camera obscura (literally translated as “dark room”) makes use of an aperture or lens to project images into a dark space.

Martin Newth’s exhibition Re-View, which will be shown in the gallery during the month of April, brings together a collection of images produced by turning large structures – in one case a pillbox, in another a lookout tower– into camera obscuras. In this workshop, Martin and the participants will turn Photofusion into a camera obscura! Participants will learn the principles of turning any space into a camera, make exposures of their own, and process their images in the darkroom. As well as covering the practical aspects of this type of work, Martin will lead a discussion about process within the context of contemporary art practice.

Martin Newth has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Recent solo exhibitions include Rezension-Skulptur Objekt, Apparat at the MEWO Kunsthalle, Germany, Material Matters at the Gerald Moore Gallery, London, and Sentinel (South) at The Gallery, The Arts University College Bournemouth. He is the Programme Director of Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts.

Martin Newth | Re-view