We welcome

We are happy to have all sorts of people walk through our doors in Brixton. People of all income levels, origins, cultures, and levels of photography knowledge come to Photofusion. We are enthusiasts, not judges.

We know

The people who work at Photofusion really know their stuff, from the most obscure historic processes to the latest digital techniques. You won’t find such a depth of practical photography knowledge anywhere else in London.

We support

We don’t keep knowledge to ourselves. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than sharing it with other people and helping them develop in their own unique way. Photography poses many questions, and we’ll always try to answer them as best we can.

We converse

We do, in fact, like to talk. Photofusion is a place of conversation. About work, about techniques, about photography, about creativity, about Brixton and beauty and food and football. Anything is up for discussion.

We make

We are totally hands-on. Whatever aspect of photography we are involved with, we are utterly practical. We understand theory, but we respect craft. We don’t tell anyone what to make, we just help them make it as best they can.

We provide

We have a lot of kit. We have expensive kit, we have everyday kit, we have kit so obscure we’ve almost forgotten what it’s for. And we want it to be used.

We provoke

We love the way photography can raise issues and ask searching questions. We show things that demonstrate the power of photography and the people who create it – whether or not they
make comfortable viewing.

We protect

Some of the people who come through our doors are vulnerable. They may face difficult circumstances outside the walls of Photofusion. But when they’re inside we look after them and we celebrate the power of photography to help them find things inside themselves they never knew were there.

We are proud

Many famous images have been made at Photofusion. Many famous photographers have worked here. And many things have been achieved that started from very small beginnings. Which makes us proud.

Photofusion. Anyone can be a photographer


Originally founded as the Photo Co-op in 1979 in Wandsworth, South London, Photofusion has metamorphosed from a small collective of documentary photographers to becoming London’s largest independent photography resource centre, moving to new premises in the vibrant heart of Brixton in 1991 and receiving a National Lottery Award in 1995 for further expansion of premises.

Electric Avenue

Photofusion provides a diverse range of photographic services that continually respond to the revolution and evolution of lens-based imagery. With analogue, digital and moving image facilities, Photofusion accomplishes its key function of delivering vital training, support and career progression to photographers of all abilities.

The centre’s facilities include digital suites, professional photographic studio, darkrooms, exhibition production services, picture library/agency alongside a contemporary gallery which places an emphasis on showcasing emerging photographers, alongside new work by mid-career artists. The exhibition programme includes artist talks, panel discussions and occasional related masterclasses or workshops.

Alongside the professional development and training programme, Photofusion delivers a range of crucial outreach engagement projects, working with socially and culturally marginalised young people, offering photographer-led creative programmes, skills-based accredited courses, bursaries and internships in collaboration with local organisations and a range of funding partners.

Photofusion Gallery

Photofusion Gallery

The continually expanding membership scheme, which has supported many award-winning photographers, now hosts quarterly members-only events including a regular photo-forum, practical demonstrations and critical talks and discussions on establishing a photographic practice.

Photofusion Board of Directors

Several new appointments have recently been made to strengthen the oversight of Photofusion as the organisation engages with a challenging business environment to provide for the future.

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Photofusion Educational Trust

Established in 1991 to provide educational opportunities in photography through workshops and training and through supporting exhibitions which promote a vision of art education for all. The Trust obtained charitable status at the same time as the formation of Photofusion Ltd, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Photofusion Educational Trust aims to raise income for photography education in London.
Charity Registration No.1007491