Photofusion Member | Travis Hodges

Travis is a London based photographer. He is fascinated by people and uses his camera to explore what makes them interesting, from well-documented celebrities to those who have never stood before a professional photographer in their lives.

His work, from time-pressed editorial shoots to longer-term personal projects, is people-driven and examines what makes us who we are.

His awards include the Royal Photographic Society 155th print exhibition; the Observer Hodge Award and the Jerwood Photography Award. When he’s not behind the camera, Travis organises the monthly Photo-Forum talks in central London, where working photographers can discuss and debate their images, ideas, and approaches.

Below are a selection of images from three of Travis’ photographic projects…

Deadtime – Portraits of adolescence. “I’m surprised you spoke to us, most people just tell us to F off” Are these young people the feral youth the media portrays them as, I set out to get behind the stereotype placed on, and adopted by, those between childhood and adulthood.

© Travis Hodges, from the project ‘Deadtime’

Follow Me – The network of connections built through Twitter. Each subject is asked to select the next from those they follow creating a chain of individuals connected through social networking.

© Travis Hodges, from the project ‘Follow Me’

The Protesters – Portraits and quotes from protesters in London, By picking individuals out of the crowd I hope to show what motivates people to stand up for a cause.

© Travis Hodges, from the project ‘The Protesters’

To see more work by Travis…

Travis Hodges Travis Hodges Travis Hodges Travis Hodges Travis Hodges
Travis Hodges Travis Hodges Travis Hodges Travis Hodges