Video Course | HD DSLR Video

If you are a photographer looking to make the transition from still photography to moving image or are just starting out and want to learn how to correctly operate a HD DSLR in video mode then this one day workshop is for you. Exposure control, lenses, stabilisation, frame rates, rolling shutter and much much more are all covered in this intensive hands on workshop.

Andrew Lawrence has been a freelance videographer at various Soho production companies for over ten years starting as an assistant in the camera department working as a loader and focus puller. He has also worked on numerous pop videos and Hollywood features. In recent years Andrew has been concentrating on corporate, viral and personal drama projects. Andrew now works mainly with a Canon 5D2 the camera that has revolutionised film making. This workshop will use Photofusion’s Canon 5D2, several Canon lenses, Zacuto magnifyer, Swit external monitor, Rode NTG-3 microphone, Zoom H4N recorder, Chroziel matte box, Merlin Steadicam and more.

Please note: Participants need not bring their own DSLR as a Canon 5D MK2 will be supplied by Photofusion.

Course Content

  • Working in Manual mode and exposure control
  • Frame rates
  • ISO
  • White balance
  • Audio with internal & external microphones
  • LCD viewfinder
  • External monitor
  • Framing, Composition & Focussing
  • Lenses – Prime and Zoom
  • Matte box & Follow focus
  • Rolling shutter & Jello
  • Aliasing & Moire
  • Tripod & Steadicam