Arts Council England discontinues revenue funding for Photofusion after 30 years

Photofusion, London’s educational centre, gallery and photography resource for over three decades, has received notice from Arts Council England that its NPO status and its annual revenue grant will be cut entirely from March 2015.

Photofusion plays a central role in the photographic arts in London. According to Managing Director, Julia Martin: ‘Many thousands of photographers have been through our doors, particularly those in the early stages of their careers, to receive support, use our facilities and become part of the fabric of the photographic arts in the UK. One of our key priorities has always been to acknowledge and respond to the nominal income that artists receive while developing their professional practice. And through our belief that every young person deserves the opportunity to engage with the cultural industries, we have an impressive portfolio of successful community projects, awarding many local young people with photographic accreditations, support into higher education and employment in the arts. Photofusion acts as a creative and support hub of photography in the independent sector for all those with the talent and dedication to make a career in this field. Our Membership and gallery programme has supported many emerging photographers to become award-winning, internationally recognised artists.’

Photofusion Chair Dr Geof Rayner said: ‘Like any business organisation – even a non-profit one like Photofusion – the complete withdrawal of critical investment throws the organisation into uncertainty. Arts Council England’s decision to cut Photofusion from its national portfolio strikes at the heart of London’s creative arts and education sector. The decision has come as a shock but over the past 30 years Photofusion has survived a number of major economic recessions and the organisation’s objective is to continue with its long-term commitments. Everyone in the organisation is committed to keeping high levels of arts provision and services for our 700 members, partners, clients and crucial outreach programmes while supporting other cultural organisations and local youth agencies.’


For further information contact:

Christine Cellier, Co-Assistant Director: 020 7738 5774 / [email protected] or Helen Bolt, Co-Assistant Director / [email protected]