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Call to photographers to send an image for the website

Win a Prize: 1 year free Membership (new or continuation) given to a photograph selected by Francesca Moore.

Photofusion is inviting photographers to send in one photograph of a family portrait they have taken (in any medium including mobile phone). We’ll then put them on our gallery website with your name and small caption information about the image. This is inspired by Francesca’s photographic project, Bhopal: Facing 30, now in the last few days of exhibition at Photofusion – so if you haven’t yet seen it, catch it while you can!

To send in an image, please follow these instructions:

  • Image format: Jpeg, dimensions 1000 pixels on longest side
  • Your name
  • Short caption information
  • Link to your website

Send to: [email protected] by the end of the day on Tuesday 15 December.

Please note: only send one photograph.

The Gallery

The Family Album 2013, Amanda Jobson

The Family Album 2013, Amanda Jobson

I took this photograph of my two children when we had language students staying in our home. That summer we accommodated four students from Italy; the house was full and the children ended up in the front room on the sofa bed. It was a bit of an adventure for my children and they had fun playing games in the garden with one of the student boys who got on really well with the kids.


Nadia Nervo | Three Girls, La Casa series

Nadia Nervo | Three Girls, La Casa series

La Casa, features my old family home abandoned to decay on a remote area of the Veneto region in Italy. The relatives cannot bear to sell it and there is so much history and emotions trapped in there. The older family members have a very close emotional attachment with it, the younger members instead just feel scared and horrified only to enter it. This is the portrait of my three nieces in what used to be a living room.