BLOW 11 Fund It Photo Campaign

BLOW Photo gives a voice to emerging Photographers from all around the world, as well as presenting some of the worlds most accomplished and respected Photographers, which in turn makes art accessible to everyone.

Bringing you BLOW 10 did not come without obstacles, and BLOW 11 has presented us with a new challenge. During the printing of issue 10 our wonderful printer, Hudson & Killeen, went out of business after over 30 years servicing the industry. This is one of many sad stories we hear everyday about businesses, particularly those in the area of printing. We would like to thank Hudson and Killeen for their collaboration with BLOW over the years, to make it not just a magazine, but a book of art worthy of hanging.

With these new challenges we are facing we decided to reach out to you all and ask for your continued support in keeping this treasured publication a reality. We have developed a campaign that offers you many rewards for all levels of support. Purchasing copies of BLOW Photo is a simple way of giving and receiving, other rewards are unique and only available through our FUNDIT campaign here