Brighton 2nd Year Degree Show: Face to Face

“Face to Face comprises work by second year students on the BA (Hons) Photography course in the Faculty of Arts at the University or Brighton.

The course supports the development of students as independent creative practitioners, who develop their own response to conceptual problems, who explore questions through their work, and who support each other through ongoing conversation and collaborative working in a creative and critical environment.

This exhibition demonstrates a range of photographic practices that take place on our course. These include critical, explorative and experimental works focused upon concepts such as archive, allegory, identity, narrative, performance and place, as well al more traditional works focused upon issues of social, cultural and historical concern.

The exhibition title is suggestive. The word Face is both a noun and a verb, naming the area of the body where visual sense impressions are experiences, and, the act of recognizing a given situation such experience might involve. The consider photography in the connection is perhaps to recognize a practice that faces a given subject, object or experienced situation, and, the process of exhibition spectatorship through which we as viewers face new possibilities of seeing such experiences. Face to Face invites dialogue between such practices and possibilities.

Possibilities are what the works in the exhibition ultimately involve. Each is a curious and intelligent exploration through photography, toward seeing the complexity of currant experiences and thinking about how that might continue to be faced.”

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Private View:
Friday March 15th, 17:00 – 20:00

Exhibition Dates:
16 – 22 March

Barnaby Kent Barnaby Kent Lottie Pugh Lewis Crutchley Kyle Adams
Hannah Smith Florence Sharp Craig Wye