CALL FOR ENTRIES | Made in Brixton

CALL FOR ENTRIES | Made in Brixton

Photofusion is now accepting submissions for “Made In Brixton,” a members’ show running from June 21 – July 19, 2017.

We welcome submissions from all of our members, regardless of experience or training. We ask you to interpret the theme, “Made in Brixton,” in the widest possible way. Maybe you’ve made work specific to South London, or maybe you’re an artist who lives or works in South London, or maybe you have your film developed at Photofusion and/or your prints made here. Perhaps the project was inspired by a course or talk that you saw here. You tell us how the work fulfils the brief.

Made in Brixton

We are asking for submissions of between ten and twenty images along with a paragraph explaining the project and how it was “Made in Brixton.” The images should represent a body of work. In this instance, we are not looking for a collection of individual images. Importantly, the work must be available, ready for display in the event that you are selected. If you will be presenting prints (vs video or a photobook) and you aren’t able to frame them, the prints can be hung with our magnet system.

Work will be selected by our panel, which includes Dan Gaba, Photo Editor at the Wall Street Journal; Christiane Monarchi, Founder and Editor Photomonitor; Anthony Luvera, Course Director of Photography at Coventry University; Miranda Gavin, writer, educator and artist; Eddie Otchere, photographer; and Gina Glover, photographer and founding member of Photofusion.

We have a fairly large gallery and we will select between two and four artists to hang together. We will be sensitive to how the various projects coexist in the space. Once the work is selected, we will develop a programme of events to complement the exhibition, either by exploring issues and ideas expressed in the work, or by looking at the processes that brought the work to life.

Made in Brixton

Most of all, we want to produce a show that embodies who we are as an organization and who you are as members. To give you a sense of how we see ourselves, you can see our manifesto here.

How to submit

We are accepting submissions from current members only. If you are not a member, or your membership has lapsed,

  • You will need to take out a new membership here
  • There is no fee to enter
  • Please upload your images here:
  • Please include a description of your project and tell us how the work fills the brief “Made in Brixton.”
  • Submissions are due by March 27, 18:00


From our digital submissions, our selection panel will make a short list of artists, to be announced by April 10. Our shortlisted artists will be invited to come and meet our panel. We will ask you to bring at least one physical print at that time. Our 2 – 4 selected artists will be announced on May 15. Ready-to-hang work will be due to Photofusion on June 12.