ChantiMedia | Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion: Photography’s Importance in Documenting the Culture and History of The Caribbean and its Diaspora
Thursday 30 April, 19:00
Free for Members (non-members: £5.00)

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ChantiMedia presents a panel discussion of 5 photographers who will discuss in detail the importance of documenting culture and history of the Caribbean and it’s diaspora, the discussion will be chaired by Chantal Miller founder of ChantiMedia.

ChantiMedia was founded in 2012 by Chantal Miller. Primarily a digital platform to share and promote the artistic diversity of the region, ChantiMedia has now evolved into a multi faceted creative hub. Based between the beautiful island of Nevis and the cultural melting pot of London (UK) the company now focuses on production (film and television), the curating of exhibitions and film festivals, the facilitating of creative workshops and fostering creative collaborations throughout the Diaspora.

ChantiMedia | Panel Discussion

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The Panel

AJ Silistrie, who was born in Nancy, France. The narrative of this French-Guadeloupean visual artist, who resides and works in London, compels you to embark on an introspective journey. Her artistic endeavours developed in her teenage years, in the fields of music, writing and sculpture, before finally settling into photography less than a decade ago. AJ regularly exhibits her work in London. More info…

Lizzy Brown is an experimental photographer who uses traditional photographic processes and takes conceptual still life photographs. Brown is interested in a photograph as a structure and how it is used to contain and display idealised representations within its frame. More info…

Kevin Joseph is an editorial, portrait and still life photographer. He has shot for brands such as Adidas, Lacoste and has shot many music portraits. More info…

Brian Quaver, Emerzy Corbin and Fiona Compton will also be participating as part of the panel for this event. Information on these panel members will be announced soon.


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