Congo Dialogues: Alice Seeley-Harris and Sammy Baloji

Autograph ABP are presenting a rarely seen archive created by Alice Seeley-Harris an English missionary, dating back to 1904 in the Congo Free State. Seeley-Harris work, are presented alongside newly commissioned work, by Congolese contemporary artist Sammy Baloji.

In the early 1900’s Alice Seeley-Harris produced one of the first known photographic campaign in support of human rights. Her photographs publicly exposed the violent consequences of human rights abuses. She exposed the atrocities that underpinned King Leopold II’s regime in the Congo Free State. Bringing public attention and awareness to the plight of the Congolese people under a violent and oppressive regime. This caused a huge outcry at the time, due to the publications in Europe and America.

Nearly 100 years later artist Sammy Baloji uses photography as his medium to bring attention to the current political concerns, he integrates with reference to the past. The exhibition starts tomorrow and is one to not miss. A rare opportunity to see Alice Seeley-Harris’ work and to see how Sammy Baloji has used his work to create new dialogue towards the subject, which still remains to haunt contemporary Congolese society.
Exhibition private view
Thursday 16 January, 6:30 – 8:30pm
Join us at the opening reception for Congo Dialogues: Sammy Baloji and Alice Seeley Harris at Rivington Place, London