Historical & Alternative Processes

In an age of digital perfection and digital reproduction there are many artists who look backwards and sideways to create something new and different. Many look to historical and alternative photographic processes as an antidote to digital perfection, exchanging computer for darkroom, perfection for the unpredictable, machine made for hand made.

To many, alternative processes are alchemy. Weighing and mixing raw chemicals, coating papers, exposing papers to sunlight, washing, fixing and toning the final image to create a one off, an unique and irreproducible image. The antithesis of digital photography.

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    • Toning Workshop

      What this workshop showcases are 4 chemical processes that change the tones of your black and white prints. Participants are invited to print multiple versions of one black and white image in Dokumol using a silver rich paper to fully immerse themselves in this tweaked black and white print/toning experience.

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      Dates: 7 June 2020
      Days: Sunday
      Time: 1 Day
      Length: 11:00-17:00
      Tutor: Eddie Otchere
      Fee: £195.00
      Places: 5 places left
    • Alternative Processes | Kallitype & Platinum Printing

      Platinum Printing Course

      The one day course is hands on with Paul taking you through each step of the process from humidifying the Arches Platine paper to exposing it to UV light.

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      Dates: 31 May 2020
      Days: Sunday
      Time: 11:00 - 17:00
      Length: 1 Day
      Tutor: Paul Ellis
      Fee: £195.00
      Places: 4 places left
    • Alternative Processes | Chemigrams

      Photography Course | What is a Chemigram?

      Learn how to create experimental photographic images using simple household ingredients and darkroom chemistry.

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