Camera Courses

Our camera courses offer a wide variety of options for beginners and more advanced photographers. From one day DSLR camera workshops to longer, more in-depth courses, we offer both digital and traditional film SLR camera courses. All our camera courses are taught by experienced practitioners at our South London premises, located in the heart of Brixton’s vibrant market.

Photofusion Members receive a 15% discount on all courses. This is NOT available through our online booking system – to claim the discount please call us on 020 7738 5774.

    • Look-See

      This 6-week online practical and theoretical course aims to guide participants to see instead of merely look – to see the metaphorical beyond the literal. This course will steer participants to make images that signify more than their surface. It will enable them to explore the poetic and ephemeral nature of photography and to see the extraordinary within the ordinary. ©Corey Olsen

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    • Large Format Portraiture Photography

      Photography Course | Large Format Portraiture

      Large format portraiture photography is the antithesis of digital photography providing course participants with a unique learning experience.

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