Studio, Location & Flash Lighting

Our studio lighting course, location lighting course and flashgun course cover the essentials of ‘making’ as opposed to ‘taking’ photographs using flash, tungsten and mixed lighting. All our lighting courses are taught by experienced practitioners at our London premises, located in the heart of Brixton’s vibrant market.

Photofusion Members receive 15% discount on all courses. This is Not available online. For the discount please pay in person, over the phone or ask to be invoiced.

    • Lighting Course | Beginners’ F-Word: Nikon and Canon Flashguns

      Beginners Flashgun Course

      This one day flashgun course for Nikon & Canon users aims to demystify the often intimidating area of using flashguns correctly and creatively. The day starts in the classroom by explaining how the Focal Plane shutter of a DSLR camera syncronises with the short burst of flashlight delivered from the flashgun. Once the basic theory has been understood we move into the studio and on location (with a model) and put the theory into practice.

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    • Lighting Course | Location Flash Lighting

      location lighting course

      It's that time of year again when we can take our flash outside and learn to mix it with daylight...

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