Alternative Processes | Kallitype & Platinum Printing

Of all the historical and alternative processes Platinum Printing is quite possibly the most prestigious. Originally used by the likes of Peter Henry Emerson and Alvin Langdon Coburn and later rediscovered by Irving Penn the Platinum Process offers a controllable, albeit expensive, beauty that somewhat justifies its status within the hierarchy of alternative processes. However, what many people don’t realise is that the Kallitype process, sometimes called Poor Man’s Platinum, is a very close relative. The Kallitype process uses Ferric Oxalate and Silver Nitrate, where as the Platinum process uses Ferric Oxalate and Palladium/Platinum. A Gold toned Kallitype will be very close in look and archival permanence to a Platinum print.

This one day hands-on workshop introduces participants to the marvel of both processes. Participants will learn how to drop-count the sensitisers, how to coat paper & understand humidity variations, how to expose, develop, fix, clear and wash a print onto high quality cotton papers. Each participant will be able to make several A4 prints each on the day but more importantly they will leave with the confidence to repeat the process on their own. A detailed handout is given. As these are contact processes (size of negative determines the size of print) participants will be asked to send in some digital files that we will make into A4 digital negatives.

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Platinum Printing Course