Alternative Processes | Kallitypes

The Kallitype is a member of the iron-silver family and is a close cousin of platinum printing. Both use Ferric Oxalate as the light-sensitive element and both use the same developer and clearing procedure. Although Kallitypes are sometimes known as poor man’s platinum, a well-exposed, processed and toned (platinum, gold or selenium) kallitype is virtually indistinguishable from a platinum print made from the same negative (having virtually the same tonal range) but is a lot more affordable.

The one day course is hands on with Paul taking you through each step of the process from humidifying the Arches Platine paper to exposing it to UV light. Before the course we request two digital files from you to make in to 8×10 negatives.

We now have a digital negative printing service. Info & prices…

Dates: 7 November 2021
Days: Sunday
Time: 11:00 - 17:30
Length: 1 Day
Tutor: Paul Ellis
Fee: £175.00
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