Alternative Processes | Van Dyke Printing

In this one-day hands-on alternative processes printing workshop you will learn one of the most charming historical processes, Van Dyke Brown and Van Dyke Blue prints. The day starts with a short introduction to the history of the Van Dyke process.

We then move to the darkroom to learn about the chemicals involved and how to mix them. Although the Van Dyke sensitiser needs to be mixed up 48 hours in advance we still learn how to mix it. We then coat and dry papers, make an exposure under UV light and then wash and fix the image and also experiment with toning the image. From this first test print we make a final print and then repeat the process throughout the day, perfecting our techniques as we progress.

Nearer the day of the workshop we will ask you to supply us with some images that we will make into digital negatives for you.

We now have a digital negative printing service. Info & prices…

Price includes materials fee

Van Dyke Printing Workshop
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