Alternative Processes | Wet-Plate Collodion

Wet-Plate Collodion was a mid to late 19th century process made famous by the likes of Julia Margaret Cameron and Gustave Le Gray.

It is now experiencing a renaissance with a new generation of photographic artists discovering its unique qualities. Of all the alternative and historical photographic processes Wet-Collodion is probably the one that practitioners are most passionate about.

As Christopher James says “it requires a tenacious belief in the beautiful and mysterious. It rewards analytical thinking, process and patience. At the same moment, it demands a love for the accidental and unexplained and the peace of mind to fully know that the process means more than the final product … every single time you make a plate.”

This one-day workshop introduces you to the wonder of the Wet-Collodion process. The workshop is delivered by experienced Wet-Plate photographic artist Daniel Barter and assisted by Photofusion tutor Paul Ellis. Working in Photofusion’s studio with 5×4 cameras and a model you will learn how to prepare, expose, process and finish plates (glass, metal and acrylic). You will understand the chemicals and equipment needed (and the health and safety requirements). You will leave with your plates and a thorough understanding of this extraordinary process.

Photofusion provides all chemicals and plates.

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Alternative Processes | Wet-plate Collodion