Darkroom Course | Intermediate Black & White Printing

This intermediate darkroom course is aimed at those with darkroom experience. Ideally participants will have already completed the introductory course.

This intensive course affords students the opportunity to develop more advanced techniques utilised in the making of exhibition-quality prints. Taking place in our professionally equipped air-conditioned darkrooms, each participant will have access to their own enlarger, allowing the opportunity to put techniques into practice individually.

This course serves as an excellent opportunity for participants to take their knowledge and control of monochrome printing to another level under the guidance of a renowned professional photographic printer.



Practical session affording participants the opportunity to print on resin-coated and fibre-based. Topics covered during this session include:

  • The F-stop Printing Method
  • Split-grade Printing

Further practical session covering archival printing on fibre-based paper, incorporating both neutral and warm tone papers, and advanced techniques including:

  • Pre-flashing and controlled fogging
  • Discussion of toning for archival permanence
  • Print finishing

Please note: This course only covers the printing of images from already processed film. It does not cover the topic of film processing itself. Participants should therefore bring previously processed negatives. Photofusion offers a full black & white processing service for those who do not already have their own processing facilities.

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