How to Use Your Phone like an Artist (Online)


© Cora James

Your phone is and can be more powerful than you think, it’s about what you are able to do with it that can expand our notions of what is achievable with a smartphone.

Cora James will take you through a live online demo on how a practicing photographer might set up for a shoot using their phone. We’ll focus initially on how to get the most out of the everyday and utilise the camera we carry with us 24/7. We’ll also be discussing some artistic inspirations, photographers, a little bit of research and a mini project brief to be completed for the following session.

In the second session we’ll focus on post production also in a live online demo. You’ll be shown how to organise, categorise, edit, and select your images, as well as exporting, and will be encouraged to share your mini projects with the group.

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Dates: 14 November & 28 November 2020
Days: Saturdays
Time: 10:00-13:00
Length: 2 Days
Tutor: Cora James
Fee: £75.00
Places: 10 places left