Image & Storytelling Workshop

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The most commonly asked question at Photofusion has to do with sequencing images.

When we look at photographs, whether they are in a box, on a wall, or in a photobook, we are relatively free to wander in any direction and we can therefore assume connections between events and recreate a subjective story by ourselves. But as the author of the images, you will have to create a sequence with rhythm in order to convey your idea. The narrative is how you construct the story, its process and its format, thereby creating a reading.

In this workshop, we will start with a short introduction on sequencing and the serial format, followed by a quick exercise using archive images to get acquainted with typical forms of narratives. After this, we will work with each participant’s images.

You will work on the elements that allow you to construct a sequence with your images, including:

  • Pairing
  • Rhythm/Flow
  • Rests
  • Motifs
  • Text

Participants should bring a selection of images that make up all or part of a body of work (no more than 15 images, please).

Celine Bodin is a French photographer. She has a BA in Photography from Gobelins, L’Ecole de l’image in Paris, and an MA in Photography from London College of Communications. As well as developing her own practice, Celine regularly writes about photography and works as the senior gallery assistant at Purdy Hicks Gallery in London.