Intensive Photography Course

This exciting and varied photography course is designed for those who wish to learn the fundamentals of digital camera control, lighting (flashguns and studio) and a small element of post-production with Adobe Lightroom.

Delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment this course provides the key skills that are necessary in order to work confidently with an emphasis on technical understanding, allowing for creative potential to be released. Participants of this course will leave with the confidence and competence to move onto a higher level with their picture making.


  • Day 1: Exposure control and all camera functions. ISO, F-Stops, Shutter Speeds, Depth of Field, Metering Modes, Histograms, Raw and jpeg, lenses and composition.
  • Day 2: Studio Lighting – Key light, fill light, effect light, background lights, hard and soft lighting.
  • Day 3: Flashguns and location lighting – mixing flash with daylight, flash as fill light, flash over-powering daylight, shutter speeds and focal plane shutter, E-TTL, Manual Flash, High Speed Sync, Rear Curtain flash, Slow Sync, Bounced Flash etc.

When booking this course, please specify the make and model of the camera you will be using in the notes section of the online booking form – or email [email protected].

Photofusion Members receive a 15% discount on all courses. This is NOT available through our online booking system – to claim the discount please call us on 020 7738 5774.

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