Intermediate Lightroom

Over the years, that I’ve taught Lightroom, I’ve felt that two days were just not enough time to get the best from the application; I’ve wanted to run a day three.

Day three is the in-depth stuff, the niggling questions; the missing files issues; the power of the print module. The fun and the power. It’ll be a rapid recap of the basics – we’ll start with a Q&A, to find out where you are, and what you’re after. With no more than six participants, there should be time to address individual requirements, whilst still breaking for coffee, lunch and more coffee.

Day three is only available to those who’ve already done my Lightroom course. You need to have a certain grounding and an understanding of how LR works. Unlike on previous courses, this time you can bring in images that you have a feeling for; but you must understand that there will be five other participants in the room with you, all of whom are likely to have similar, individual questions.

That said, we’ll be looking at a few areas that help to get the best from Lightroom 5, 6 and CC Classic.

  • How to select the image that you want to work with – advanced comparisons
  • Additive and subtrative development, and how these can be used with the selective adjustments in the develop module
    advanced black and white conversions
  • Using the print module to control your output from file to physical print
  • Saving time – presets and templates
  • Getting images to work coherently, and soft proofing
  • Hardware selection – what you might really want (or need) to make the Lightroom a better place for you.

The course runs from 10:30 – 17:30, and is delivered on computers provided, running LightRoom CC Classic.