Large Format Portraiture Photography

Large format portraiture photography is the antithesis of digital photography.

The photographer must slow down, concentrate and think about what they are doing. This almost Zen like approach to image making, combined with the amazing quality of large format film, ensures an unique working experience.

In this one-day hands-on workshop you will learn how to correctly use a 5×4 monorail camera (Sinar). You will learn how to set-up the camera, how to load film into dark-slides, how to attach lens & control the shutter, how to focus the camera and you will be introduced to using camera movements.

Working in the studio with a model we will make a series of 5×4 portraits. We will be using standard (150mm) and longer lenses (210 & 240mm) to create the very shallow depth of field images that large format is famous for.

All sheets of film shot on the day will be processed & scanned and sent to participants a few days later.

Workshop Protocols 

Participates and Staff will be equipped with PPE masks and nitrile gloves

Workshop surfaces, laptops, materials will be disinfected before use

Number of participants is limited to 4 people in each workshop

Protocols will be announced at the start of every workshop

Workshop participants and staff must keep a distance of 2 metres

Photofusion Members receive a 15% discount on all courses. This is NOT available through our online booking system – to claim the discount please call us on 020 7738 5774.

Photography Course | Large Format Portraiture

Dates: 18th September 2022
Days: Sunday
Time: 11:00 - 17:30
Length: One Day
Tutor: Paul Ellis
Fee: £225.00
Places: 4 places left