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This 4-week online practical and theoretical course aims to guide participants to see instead of merely look – to see the metaphorical beyond the literal. This course will steer participants to make images that signify more than their surface. It will enable them to explore the poetic and ephemeral nature of photography and to see the extraordinary within the ordinary.

We will view and discuss photographic artists from William Eggleston to Peter Fraser and Rinko Kawauchi to Gregory Halpern and many more.

Participants will be given weekly tasks and asked to present their photos to the group each week, receiving informal tutor and peer feedback.

Any camera is suitable for this course, as its not about the camera, but digital is ideal as we review photographs each week.

Dates: May 9 - May 30 2022
Days: Mondays
Time: 7-9pm
Length: 4 Weeks
Tutor: Paul Ellis
Fee: £125.00
Places: 5 places left