The Photograph: Ideas, Histories, Concepts

This eight-week course examines how to interpret the photograph from a range of perspectives. The course will be predominantly taught with space to interact with the ideas discussed. There will also be two sessions that involve close reading of key texts.

Course Content

  1. Week 1: The Desiring Eye: Looking, Thinking, Wanting
    This session looks at ideas and the origins of desire and considers some of the implications in relation to photography.
  2. Week 2: Between Documentary and the Document.
    How can the term documentary photography be defined and how have artists taken the photographic Document to subvert ideas of documentary photography?
  3. Week 3: The Photographic Portrait
    Tracing the Portrait through Anthropology, Fine Art and Documentary Photography.
  4. Week 4: Time, Memory and the Photograph
    How does the photograph evoke ideas our sense of time and how does the process of memory interact with the photographic image?
  5. Week 5: Strangers to Ourselves
    How does the photograph engage with ideas of representing complex issues around identity and the body?
  6. Week 6: From Empire to Globalization and the Spaces In Between
    This session examines photographic representations of globalization through images of empire by establishing traces and connections between them.
  7. Week 7: Close Reading Seminar: Unpacking Camera Lucida
    The continuing relevance of Roland Barthes’s book and its importance to photographic studies.
  8. Week 8: Close Reading Seminar: Unpacking Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
    The continuing importance of Walter Benjamin’s essay and its relevance in the digital age.

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Photography Course | Ideas, histories, concepts

Dates: 16 October - 4 December 2018
Days: Tuesdays
Time: 18:30 - 20:00
Length: 8 Evenings
Tutor: Frank Watson
Fee: £175.00
Places: 3 places left