The Photograph: Ideas, Histories, Concepts

The programme of talks and seminars consider ways of approaching how we think through photographs. How visual languages/strategies inform the images that surround us in both the gallery and the commercial field.

The course is suitable for those who are beginning to question how photographs work on our senses, those who are hungry for debate as well as those who want to supplement their studies in photography.

Can’t afford tuition fees but want the challenge of expanding your photographic knowledge. Here is your opportunity!

Course Content

  • 31/01: The Portrait as Performance
  • 07/02: The Gaze of the Machine: Photography, Surveillance and Power
  • 14/02: Surrealism, The Uncanny and the Unconscious
  • 21/02: The Documentary Style: The F.S.A. and it Working Method
  • 28/02: Conceptual Art and Photography
  • 07/03: No Class (Reading Week)
  • 14/03: The Labyrinthine City: Photography and the Everyday
  • 21/03: The Photographer as Nomad
  • 28/03: Beyond the Blue Horizon: Globalized Landscapes, Junkscapes and Future Wildernesses

Frank Watson has taught on both the BA and MA Photographic courses at Westminster University. He has also published two photographic books “The Hush House: Cold War Sites In England” and “Soundings from the Estuary”.

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Photography Course | Ideas, histories, concepts