TRI-POD @ Photofusion | Project Development Workshop

Are you feeling stuck creatively? Do you need to set goals for your personal project? Would you benefit from peer support and facilitated feedback to help move your project forward?

This workshop, which includes two Saturday & two evening workshops, is aimed at photographers and visual artists using photography who have a personal project in progress. “In progress” could mean that you have an idea but haven’t started work, or that you’re currently shooting a body of work, or that you’re wrapping up a project but need to bring it all together. This workshop will support a group of participants in the research and development of a personal project using a variety of different strategies including facilitated peer support. Miranda Gavin facilitate all sessions.

We will look at previous personal projects, develop strategies for creative working practice, and discuss the various challenges and blocks that can prevent a project from moving forward.

The project can be a documentary, editorial or an art-based body of work. You can be at any stage with the project as long as it is a body of work that is still in progress.

This workshop will take place at Photofusion on two Saturdays and two Monday evenings.

The dates/times are as follows:

Saturday 28 September 11-5pm

Monday 7 October 6-9pm

Monday 21 October 6-9pm

Saturday 9 November 11-5pm

Project Development Workshop

Tri-pod was co-founded by Miranda Gavin and Wendy Pye in 2010. For more information, examples of previous participants’ work see the Tri-Pod website

Article about Tri-Pod on Artquest website by Miranda Gavin here


“Thanks for that Miranda and thanks for all your really insightful input —I have really appreciated it. For me being pushed to go further and think more about what I am trying to say is of huge benefit. As you know, I get very hooked into taking and making photos but often find it difficult to narrow down the focus and keep on task.”

“I thought the workshop was great! It gave me reassurance and encouragement to move my project forward. It simultaneously broadened and focused my thinking.”

“Thanks Miranda for your email but above all for all your support, enthusiasm, the energy that you gave us—the pushes, the inspirations, the time to think. It’s been a great experience to be part of Tri-pod and getting to know you.”

“Thank you. It was a really great experience and although I still need to digest a lot of the feedback, I already know that I gained a new perspective from the sessions…”

“I liked the fact that the group were able to get to know each other slowly, and with more depth than on a meeting at a portfolio review, for example…”

“I just wanted to say thanks for organising the workshop, found it really useful and energising! I’ve begun to plan the new version of my project.”