Cyanotype Workshop | Lambeth County Show

This weekend was the Lambeth Country Show hosted in Brockwell park. Photofusion hosted a cyanotype workshop free to children and young people, however most of the adults wanted a go to! Silverprint who sell all photographic related equipment, books, digital and analogue were generous in supporting our workshop by donating Solar paper. The workshop consisted of using the solar paper to create your own cyanotpye image. The Solar paper works by placing objects on top of the paper, exposing it in sun light for 5-10 minutes on a sunny day. If it is cloudy then give it 15-20 minutes exposure time.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Engineers used the process well into the 20th century as a simple and low-cost process to produce copies of drawings, referred to as blueprints. The process uses two chemicals: ammonium iron(III) citrate and potassium ferricyanide.

Solar paper is a great tool for children to undersatnd printing and also very low in cost. For info on where to buy the paper :Silverprint

The work which was created during the weekend will be exhibited as part of Brixton Design week.

Lambeth Country Show Lambeth Country Show
Lambeth Country Show Lambeth Country Show