Dafna Talmor | Constructed Landscapes

Thursday 9 March – Thursday 6 April

Thursday 9 March, 18:30

Thursday 30th March, 19:00
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Constructed Landscapes is an ongoing project that stems from Talmor’s personal archive of photographs initially shot as mere keepsakes across different locations that include Venezuela, Israel, the US and UK. Produced by collaging medium format colour negatives, the process relies on experimentation, involving several incisions and configurations before a right match is achieved.

Transformed through the act of slicing and splicing, the resulting images are staged landscapes, a conflation combining the ‘real’ and the imaginary. Through this work, specific places initially loaded with personal meaning and political connotations, are transformed into a space of greater universality. Blurring place, memory and time, the work alludes to idealised and utopian spaces.

Dafna Talmor

© Dafna Talmor | Untitled (NE-040404-1), Untitled (NE-04040404-1)

In Constructed Landscapes, condensing multiple time frames by collaging negatives to construct an image transfers the notion of the ‘decisive moment’ from the photographic act to the act of assembling and printing in the darkroom. In turn, fragments of varying source images collide and collude to create an illusory landscape; gaps and voids where negatives fail to meet or overlap mimic (and form new) elements of landscape, disrupting composition and distorting perspective.

In dialogue with the history of photography, Constructed Landscapes references Pictorialist processes of combination printing as well as Modernist experiments with the materiality of film. Whilst distinctly holding historical references, the work engages with contemporary discourse on manipulation, the analogue/digital divide and its effect on photography’s status.

A short-run publication with a limited edition print produced to coincide with the exhibition will be launched at the opening event.

This exhibition & accompanying events have been funded by Arts Council England


About Dafna Talmor

Dafna Talmor lives and works in London. Her photographs are included in the Deutsche Bank and Hiscox collections and private collections internationally. Her work has been featured in Camera Austria, ArtReview, Hotshoe, IMA, GUP, BJP, Photomonitor, BLOW, Landscape Stories, Photography & Culture, Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera by Robert Shore (Laurence King Publishing) and Alternative Photographic Processes: Crafting Handmade Images by Brady Wilks (Focal Press). Talmor is the recipient of the Breathing SPACE Bursary, Arts Council England Grants for the Arts Awards, Photofusion Select Bursary and the IV Daniela Chappard Biennale Photography Award. Alongside her practice, Talmor is a lecturer and curator.

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This exhibition & accompanying events have been funded by Arts Council England