Digital Negative Printing Service

Photofusion are proud to offer the only large format digital negative printing service in London. Producing physical black and white negatives which enable photographers and artists to contact print onto a range of traditional and historic photographic papers and processes.

Using a dedicated largeformat printer, loaded with Cone Piezography inks to print onto the amazing Pictorico Ultrapremium OHP, we offer negatives optimised for different alternative and historic processes, including salt, cyanotype, platinum / palladium, as well as negatives suitable for printing onto normal black and white photographic papers.

Currently, we offer negatives printed onto either US letter sized (8.5×11”) sheets, or sections from 17” roll media.

Order four or more negatives at any time, and you’ll get an additional 10% discount (Photofusion members already receive a 15% discount).

Size Regular Regular
(4 or more 10% discount)
(15% discount)
(4 or more extra 10%)
8×10 £35.00 £31.50 £29.75 £26.78
12×16 £60.00 £54.00 £51.00 £45.90
16×20 £90.00 £81.00 £76.50 £68.85
16×24 £110.00 £99.00 £93.50 £84.15

Digital Negative Printing Service


In an ideal world, we run digital negatives from print ready files supplied at 720ppi, 16 bit, greyscale (Gamma 2.2), with minimal input and no output sharpening. This gives us the very finest detail and tonality, and produces the best possible negatives.

For a 10×8” negative, this would require a file of just under 80MB, for 12×16”, a file of 190MB, and for 16×24”, a file of 380MB. These are pretty large files, but if you have a source, be it digital capture, stitched digital capture, or film scan, then they may be an option for you.

The next set of file size numbers are for lower resolution originals, and are based on files at 360ppi.

10×8” – 19.8MB
12×16”- 47.5MB
16×24” – 94.9MB

If your files are greater in size than the 360ppi, then they should be resized to 720ppi. If they are smaller then, resize to 360ppi (bicubic smoother works well).

If the above, relating to file supply seems like gibberish, or if you would like some clarification, don’t worry, as we are happy to do the file prep, or help to take you through the process. We’ve produced successful digital negatives from cameras ranging from ultra high resolution Phase One and Hasselblad, via iPhone, to 5×4” pin hole negative (scanned), and all sorts in between.
We’re happy to receive raw files, DNG’s, colour .tif/.psd/.jpeg files, or film needing scanning (though this is a service, for which there is a fee). When working with colour images, or negatives, there can be a large element of creative interpretation, so if you have an end style or feel for your images, it helps if we know about it.

Often, the most effective way of working is when you come in to see us, and we work together in front of the screen, and develop the images together.

We’ve produced hundreds of large format digital negatives (and created many thousands of exhibition prints), and experience tells us that the best route to successful prints is dialogue. Please do feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 20 77385774 and ask for Richard – we love to get the very best from every image we produce, and we’re really excited by the connections and possibilities created by the new antique processes.