Digital printing and mounting | FAQs

Tier 5, until further notice. We will continue to offer printing and mounting services, but with reduced interaction with clients. Please email [email protected] for to discuss requirements and time scales.

Photofusion digital photographic exhibition printing and mounting – answers to some frequently asked questions


What kind of prints do you offer?

Everything we print comes off large format Canon or Epson inkjet printers, so you could describe our work as inkjet prints, pigment prints, or if you have to, and we’re printing onto a rag, or baryta paper, as giclee prints.

Do you do C-type printing?

No, all our prints are pigment inkjet. We use these for a number of reasons – the range of paper surfaces and types available, the colour range that can be reproduced, and the longevity of the pigments used.

Can you print on paper that I supply?

We carry a wide range of papers, all of which are carefully profiled to our printers, which we think cater to most tastes. Due to the time involved for profiling, we do not offer printing to client supplied papers.

How long does printing take?

Our standard turnaround for printing is 48 hours. Some papers (CrystalJet and Canson RC) can be ready in a couple of hours, depending on what is going through the print queue. Rag and Baryta papers can take between twelve and 72 hours to fully cure (dry), and we don’t like to let them out until they are safe to go (the drying time is a combination of the amount of ink – how light or dark the image is – and the atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. On warm dry days, or very cold ones when we have the heating turned up, the drying time is shorter than when there is high humidity and low atmospheric pressure)

Do I need to bring my own packaging?

We supply prints in a tube, or when mounted, flatpacked, ready to take away. All work is wrapped in protective materials from Preservation Equipment limited, to ensure it leaves us in perfect condition.

Do you deliver work?

Prints up to 800mm can be posted in a tube, using Royal Mail special delivery, for a fee of £8.50. Larger images or mounted work can be despatched either by same day (for London) or overnight delivery, by our couriers. Costs depend on size, weight and distance, and are charged at cost.

How should I supply my digital images?

Digital files can be supplied in a number of ways. If your file is sized up at print resolution (300ppi) and ready for output, then a maximum quality JPEG file makes a great delivery vehicle. Make sure that you embed the profile (either sRGB, Adobe RGB1998, or ProPhoto RGB). Make sure that you include any borders in the image.

Please do let us know if you’ve applied output sharpening to the files

If you would like us to adjust images with / for you, then as 16bit .tif or .psd, or if you’ve worked on the images within Lightroom, then as a .dng file (a great way to work, as your edits are included within the file, but the raw data is available for fine tuning, while keeping file sizes to a minimum)

How should I supply negatives or transparencies for scanning?

In as good condition as possible! We will lightly blow the negatives with compressed air, but any dirt stuck to the film will need to be removed in post production. Please reference the images unambiguously – either by sheet and frame number, or with a clearly marked contact sheet. Make sure that when marking, that you don’t apply any pressure to the original negatives!

For scans from negatives, if you have a reference print or file that you would like us to work towards, please supply this at time of order – negatives are open almost endless interpretations, so if we don’t have a reference, then we will normally supply a slightly flat file.

Originals for scanning can be brought to us M-F 10:30 – 16:30, by appointment.

If you are posting negatives to us, then please ensure that the film is well protected, and only use Special Delivery.

Do you charge for image size or paper size?

We charge for the size of paper / mounting material used, so cost is for the overall size, not just the inked area.

Do you print to custom sizes, or only the ones listed on the website?

All the papers we print to come on rolls, up to 44” wide, so we can print to any size you require.

What is the smallest size you print?

The smallest size we charge for is A4 – we can print smaller, but the cost stays the same.

How much will my work cost?

As soon as we have a firm brief, we will supply a quotation for production. Should your requirements change, we will supply a revised costing, as soon as we know precisely what is wanted.

I need something ASAP – how long will it take?

We pride our selves in delivering work to a given time scale, when we think it is possible. Let us know when you actually need something, and we’ll work to your time frame, if it is possible, and if it is not, we’ll tell you up front.

Can you help develop my images?

We’re happy to help process your images – if you are starting from raw images, we can schedule time for you to come in and sit next to us, while we go through the development process. Along the way, we’ll confirm that what is happening is what you want. If you have a style that you would like us to work towards, then let us see examples (preferably in advance), and we’ll see if we can get you to the final result.

Do you do composite CGI imagery?

Although we are rather good at tweaking and darkroom-esque image adjustment, we don’t offer a 3D Image construction service.

Are you ever open to negotiation?

It has been known to happen, but we have a very adverse reaction to haggling.