Elisabeth Blanchet – Prefab Museum photography exhibition

The latest project of Photofusion member Elisabeth Blanchet aims to document the history of UK’s prefab homes. After World War II, prefabs were built as temporary housing in an effort to replace the homes lost in the bombings during the war.

Her latest endeavor focuses on Catford’s Exacilibur Estate, one of the few surviving and largest prefab estate within London. Excalibur is set to be demolished later this year along with its irreplaceable tin-roofed church St Mark’s.

Set to open March 8, The Prefab Museum, located in an actual prefab home within Excalibur, will host an exhibition curated by Blanchet herself that aims to preserve the memory of the estate.

The show features photographs by Blanchet herself along with works by other artists including films of residents’ interviews and memorabilia all celebrating the unique life flourishing within prefab communities. With the demolition date set for Catford’s Excalibur Estate quickly approaching, Blanchet’s exhibition is one of the final opportunities to experience this important part of the UK’s social history.

Blanchet works as photographer based in London. Her photography focuses on the social conditions which she observes in different communities and explores “emotions, attachment, memory and nostalgia”. In August of last year, Photofusion’s galllery exhibited Blanchet’s project Prefabs: Palaces for the People.

Elisabeth Blanchet Elisabeth Blanchet Elisabeth Blanchet Elisabeth Blanchet Elisabeth Blanchet

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