Elisabeth Blanchet: Tea Party & Exhibition Tour

Photographer Elisabeth Blanchet has spent over 11 years building an archive of post-war prefabricated homes and communities in the UK. Prefabs – Palaces for the people is a multimedia exhibition that includes photographs, interviews, short films, stories, an ipad interactive platform and prefab memorabilia.

This event was to bring together prefab enthusiasts, to share their knowledge, stories and memories of post-war prefab communities.

Yesterday afternoon saw a group of people ranging from those who had grown up in a prefab and had fond memories to share, those whose parents lived in a prefab, as well as those who just found these “temporary” steel bungalows interesting. Over some handmade cakes and a cup of tea, the group heard from photographer Elisabeth Blanchet about her 11 year project documenting these prefabs, and then the conversation opened up to topics such as the architecture of these fascinating buildings and about what the future holds for these diminishing communities.

The exhibition is open until Friday 2 August. The gallery is open 11 – 5pm Monday – Saturday.

Tea Party Tea Party Tea Party Tea Party Tea Party
Tea Party Tea Party Tea Party