Exhibition by Photofusion member Caroline Jane Harris: ANATOMY OF THE ARBOREAL

This collection of unique photo-based mixed media pieces forms the first solo show by Photofusion member Caroline Jane Harris.

© Caroline Jane Harris, Radial (green)

These surreal creations are a result of an intensive paper cutting technique that begins with photographs of tree formations and results in kaleidoscopic images, more geometric in form.
Inspired by the natural world, Harris often incorporates digital scans of cross sections of trees or wood grain. Digital pigment prints of these multi-layered images are then cut by hand, adding a handcrafted element to the work. Her process is almost obsessive, and painstakingly slow but is integral to exploring the relationship between digital technology, natural subject matter and hands on craft.
Each hand-cut digital print is placed between glass, suspended and preserved almost as if it is a specimen in an experiment. These beautiful and intricate images explore many layers of science, nature, technology and craftsmanship.

Venue: Scream
27 – 28 Eastcastle Street


Launch: Thursday 26th June, 6 – 8pm

Opening times: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm; Saturday – Appointment only.


© Caroline Jane Harris, Echo