Photography Exhibition | 52 Frames

18 – 25 MARCH 2014

“Fifty-Two Frames” is a collaboration of over 180 artists from around the world who share the best of their weekly work, according to 52 themes. Themes can be both conceptual and/or technical, encouraging both traditional skill building such as “Panning”, “Black and white” or “Portraiture”, but also more creative play, as for example with “Light Experimentation”, “What is it?” or “Shot from below”.

52 Frames Photography Exhibition

The project, now in its fourth year running, is led by Tel Aviv-based photographer Yosef Adest.

What makes this project particularly interesting is that participation is free and therefore making creative contemporary photography as an art form accessible to anybody with a camera and access to the internet. Submissions can clearly be seen to improve in quality during the year – but in addition, each week’s collection gives professionals and amateurs equal chances of having their work displayed, critiqued and shown as a “top shot” from over 180 other submissions.

The project can currently be accessed As it is a project which is expanding considerably at present, it will also be using its own website from 2014 onward.

See a promotional video for this photography exhibition here