Interventions & Interruptions | Katie Bret Day, Aletheia Casey, Tom Pope & Sue Ridge

26 September – 16 November 2018

26 September, 18:30 – 21:00

Our next exhibition, ‘Interventions & Interruptions’ will open on September 26th. This exhibition will feature the work of four artists whose divergent individual practices, ranging from documentary photography to book-making, installation and still life, are all highly experimental. The work on display will include an installation by Tom Pope that relies on motion-sensitive mechanisms to create images that essentially document the presence of the audience; Sue Ridge’s ethereal x-ray inventories of institutional archives; Aletheia Casey’s documentary series that, unusually for the genre, incorporates images made from heavily manipulated negatives; and Katie Bret Day’s experimental book, ‘Lacuna’.

Please join us for the opening party on 26 September, from 18:30 – 21:00

Katie Bret Day’s project ‘Lacuna’ explores human form, by experimenting with the materiality of the photographic process. Katie manipulates the structure of the conventional photobook through the process of reassembling, allowing for the representation of textures, dimensionality and materiality.

Photography Exhibition | Katie BretDay

© Katie Bret-Day

Aletheia Casey’s project ‘No Blood Stained the Wattle’ uses the violent conflicts and massacres of Tasmania’s colonisation to reflect on mythical telling and mis-telling of Australian history. The work examines the notion of historical forgetting and reflects on memory, national denial and loss by overlaying, scratching and re-working the photographic film to reflect the distortion of the history in Tasmania.

Photography Exhibition | Aletheia Casey

© Aletheia Casey

Tom Pope’s work explores photography, performance and film. He works with performed photography where the act of creating a photograph or film is transformed into an event, with the audience playing a role in its creation. Tom’s work explores how we can alter photography’s representational qualities by working with performative strategies, historical photographic processes such as cyanotypes and playful interventions.

Photography Exhibition | Tom Pope

© Tom Pope

For the past nine years Sue Ridge has developed artwork based on x-rays and MRI scans, which have been exhibited in a number of museums and hospitals. Sue is interested in making visible the inner history of objects, looking beneath the surface and re-working the basic x-ray file, transforming and reconfiguring them with the use of digital and chemical processes.

Photography Exhibition | Sue Ridge

© Sue Ridge