Made In Brixton – After Dark

10 August – 6 September 2018

This exhibition is part of a summer of collaboration with the Museum of London, around their current exhibition “London Nights.” Anna Sparham, Curator Photographs at the Museum of London, selected the work of seven artists, including David Axelbank, Anthony Carr, Jan Enkelmann, Cordelia Grabbe, Caroline Jane Harris, Dee Ramadan, and Alex Stone.

These artists were selected from an open call, inviting photographers who work at night, to submit images for consideration. We were open to the widest interpretation of the theme “Made In Brixton,” and the exhibition includes work that was photographed, printed and/or inspired by experiences in Brixton. The one thing all the work has in common is the backdrop of night, creating a frisson of excitement, as the darkness transforms familiar surroundings into something else.

David Axelbank has been photographing concertgoers outside of Brixton Academy since 2006. He creates spontaneous portraits, framed against the streets and buildings of Brixton, to create work that is as much about the person as
it is about the place.

Made In Brixton | David Axelbank

© David Axelbank

Anthony Carr has been creating an archive of lunargraph photographs over the past ten years. These images of the Moon’s journey across the heavens, including the nocturnal skies of South London, have become the raw material for a number of sculptural pieces, including “47 Rockets.” By folding the photographs into rockets, spaceships and lunar modules, Carr pays homage to NASA’s recent desire to employ origami principals to solving engineering conundrums.

Jan Enkelmann is a Brixton based documentary photographer. His series “Smoking Chefs” captures the calm sanctuaries that are the back streets and alleyways of Chinatown at night.

Made In Brixton | Cordelia Grabbe

© Cordelia Grabbe

Cordelia Grabbe’s work was inspired by a night-walk, hosted by Photofusion as a part of collaboration with Museum of London. The work chronicles the transformation of Brixton’s market atmosphere as night falls.

Caroline Jane Harris is an artist whose work encompasses photography, printmaking and drawing. In this project, she explores the surfaces we look at, upon, and through: windows, blinds, curtains and shadows that thicken the veil through which we see.

Dee Ramadan’s project, “Device,” began when he spotted a strange object for sale on Brixton Station Road. Having no idea what the device was, he began shooting people using the devise to create parallel narratives as to what it is.

Made In Brixton | Dee Ramadan

© Dee Ramadan

Alex Stone’s project, “Intervention,” is a series of black and white pinhole images, made with converted matchboxes, capturing the overlapping traces and movement of people on the Tube. As a part of this project, Alex held a guerrilla exhibition on the Victoria Line, terminating in Brixton.

Made In Brixton | Alex Stone

© Alex Stone