Melanie King l Precious Metals

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Photofusion presents Precious Metals, a solo exhibition by artist Melanie King. This exhibition investigates the materiality of silver and palladium, considering its’ production within the cosmos, extraction from Earth and its uses within our society.

It focuses on the use of silver and palladium in photography, suggesting methods of using the materials that are less harmful to our environment. It includes the reclamation of silver from used photographic fixative and jewellery produced using recycled eco-silver. It includes daguerreotypes and platinum-palladium prints of nebulae and supernova explosions, highlighting the cosmic origin of these rare elements.

The exhibition will run from 17th June – 30th July 2022.


Opening 16th June, 6:30 – 9pm at Photofusion Gallery.

Caffenol-C Workshop // Photofusion // Sunday 10 July, 1-5pm.

This workshop demonstrates how to create a developer for photographic film and paper using coffee, vitamin-c and soda crystals. Caffenol is a great way to begin experimenting with plant-based developers. You will need to bring one ‘completed’ black and white film, at 400 ISO (preferably Ilford HP5 or Kentmere 400).

Precious Metals Seminar // Online // Friday 29 July, 1-5pm.

On Friday 29 July, Melanie will present a seminar which broadly considers the use of precious metals in astronomy, photography, jewellery, and engineering. The seminar discusses a range of issues surrounding extractavism and colonialism, relating to the current unsustainable uses of silver, palladium, and other heavy metals – you can view the talk here.

You can purchase one of ten limited edition prints by Melanie King here.

Installation shot, Precious Metals by Melanie King

Installation shot, Precious Metals by Melanie King.

Installation shot, Precious Metals by Melanie King

Installation photography by Shannon Osborne.