Photofusion SALON/15


10 DECEMBER 2015 – 29 JANUARY 2016

Photofusion SALON is a gallery highlight in Photofusion’s calendar, showcasing an impressive range and quality of work produced by Members throughout the year. Exhibited salon-style, the photographic and video work of 100 artists will be installed in the gallery from floor to ceiling.

© Kate Stanworth

© Kate Stanworth

Photofusion’s Membership Scheme was established when the organisation moved to the vibrant heart of Brixton in 1991. Each year, since 2010, submissions have been invited from Members to showcase the breadth and talent of the practicing photographic artists that come through our doors. There are no specified categories or themes; the aim of Photofusion SALON is simply to exhibit individual images that are powerful enough to stand alone in representation of a captivating story or concept.

This year, submissions have included a broad range of genres and techniques from digital, analogue and experimental practices. Of particular note were a large number of entries addressing highly topical issues: from photo reportage on the local regeneration of Brixton, to wider environmental issues and the current refugee crisis. Photofusion SALON/15 highlights how important and impactful photography and visual lens media can be within society and culture.

© Andrew Meredith

© Andrew Meredith

Four photographers from the SALON/15 exhibition will be selected for mentoring to develop their work for next year’s SELECT/16. Four mentors from Photofusion’s Board of Directors will each select a photographer. They include Brandei Estes, Sotheby’s Photography Specialist and Deputy Director Europe; Christiane Monarchi, Photomonitor Founder and Editor in Chief; Julie Gavin, Grimaldi Gavin Gallery Partner; and Tristan Lund, Founder of Tristan Lund Ltd and Curator of The Incite Project.

We are also pleased to confirm our continued collaboration with Hotshoe magazine for the Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2015. The winner, selected by Miranda Gavin, Hotshoe editor-at-large, will receive a feature on the Hotshoe Blog and a free annual subscription. Other awards include the Public’s Choice Award 2015, the Black and White Photography Award 2015 and the Alternative Processes Award 2015.

© Myka Baum

© Myka Baum


Exhibiting Artists

Adam Razvi | Alan Gignoux | Alex Stone | Amit Lennon | Andrew Chisholm | Andrew Meredith | Andrew Youngson | Anna Rocchi | Anthony Carr | Anya Broido | Ben McDonnell | Carole Evans | Caroline Jane Harris | Chris Moyse | Clara Tuchi | Clare Baybutt | Clare Bennett | Claudia Aitken | Conor Masterson | Dafna Talmor | Daniel Ali | Daniella Zalcman | Darren Green | David Elias | David O’Mara | David Sampson | Dominic Till | Drew Meakin | Ed Sykes | Eddie Botsio | Edward Street | Elisavet Tamouridou | Ellie Laycock | Emilia Moisio | Emma Evelyn Speight | Emma Marshall | Estelle Vincent | Eva Bachmann | Francesca Moore | Franek Strzeszewski | Garey Lennox | Gina Glover | Guy Bell | Heather Shuker | Henrietta Cooke | Holly Falconer | Hugh Cunningham | Ian Flanders | Ian Samels | Ilonamarja Laine | James Russell Cant | Jane Fradgley | Jo Syz | Jonathon Vines | Jorg Weise | Joseph Jacob | Julian Crowe | Kate Stanworth | Keith Greenough | Kim Thornton | Kristy Gosling | Lennon Gregory | Leslie Hakim-Dowek | Lewis Inman | Lewis Khan | Leyli Alakbarova | Lisa Barber | Luca Marziale | Lucia Pizzani | Michael McCool | Michael Scammell | Mike Kear | Miland Suman | Myka Baum | Nadia Nervo | Naresh Kaushal | Nick Brodie | Nikolas Strangelove | Paloma Tendero | Paris Jefferson | Patrick Whibley | Peter Hudson | Remy Whiting | Robert Hackman | Robin van Calcar | Rory O’Driscoll | Ryuji Araki | Sara Shamsavari | Sebastian Tickner | Simon Frederick Hayes | Sue Ridge | Susana Sanroman | Tammy Marlar | Tamsin Green | Thomas Stewart | Tom Broadbent | Valeria Cherchi | Vanessa Short | Vron Harris | Wendy Aldiss


Exhibition Event: Pecha Kucha Photo Forum

Thursday 28 January 2015, 19:00
Free and exclusive to Photofusion Members

20 Images x 20 Seconds. Come along to hear from 8-10 of the photographers from the Photofusion SALON/15 Members’ exhibition present a larger selection of images from their project in the show following the Pecha Kucha 20×20 format.

Each artist will have a slideshow of 20 images, and only 20 seconds per image to talk, resulting in a series of quickfire talks lasting exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds each, followed by a short Q&A session at the end.

To submit or to book your place…