Photography Exhibition | AMPS/08

28 NOVEMBER 2008 – 9 JANUARY 2009

Photofusion is delighted to announce its first members’ photography exhibition, reflecting different genres, approaches and interests within the membership scheme. Open to annual members to submit work, thirteen photographers have been selected and will show prints either from a recently completed series or a project in development.

Photography Exhibition | Tobias Smith

Tobias Smith

The inspiration for Jan Stradtmann’s portraits began with the psychological phenomenon of jamais vu (meaning ‘never seen’), which describes a sense of feeling strange in familiar surroundings, as if experiencing them for the first time. Toby Smith’s power stations, shot exclusively at night with a traditional plate camera, has used long exposure times and ambient light to highlight their architecture, benign surroundings and perpetual running. Gesche Wuerfel’s series, Moon Safari, examines the relationships between humans, space and nature, and the representation of space in areas where natural catastrophes have occurred.

Photography Exhibition | Gesche Wuerfel

Gesche Wuerfel

Photography Exhibition | Reinaldo Loureiro

Reinaldo Loureiro

The series by Thomas Stewart, taken in an unfinished building in Berlin, focuses on the yellow drainage pipes as a thread that takes you through different perspectives of the building’s architecture. Reinaldo Loureiro’s series investigates ID portraiture practices in the city of El Alto, Bolivia, where many individuals of pre-Hispanic origin are becoming recognised by state authorities for the first time in their lives.

Photography Exhibition | Thomas Stewart

Thomas Stewart

Maria Bellido’s series uses clothing to create readings of the familiar and the everyday in relation to the time and place of memories. Oliver Martin’s dramatic photographs taken at Stung Meanchey Commune, a refuge site just outside of Phnom Penh in Cambodia, just before sunrise, show workers sorting through rubbish dropped off by the refuse carts.

Photography Exhibition | Maria Bellido

Maria Bellido

Photography Exhibition | Amanda Lockhart

Amanda Lockhart

Editorial photographer Andrew Meredith took time out with his Hasselblad on a recent editorial shoot in South America to explore cities and remote villages. Anthony Bowater’s striking photographs consider the relationship between exterior and interior, and how, in the second half of the twentieth century, windows became an increasingly dominant feature of modern buildings. For the past three years Amanda Lockhart has been developing a photographic project about horse racing in the UK and Ireland and will show a selection images from this ongoing series.

As part of an ongoing exploration of the changing surfaces of the earth Anne Berndt’s photographs reveal the mystery and mastery of the mountain which is often considered a symbol of transcendence: a meeting place between the earth and the heavens. Tom Lovelace investigates photography in relation to installation and intervention. Using the industrial landscape of machines and construction sites, he creates installations that shot and then dismantled, leaving the photograph and the only provider of their existence. Rob Ison looks to capture the magnitude of the built environment, which is often emphasised by the presence of people dwarfed by their surroundings.

A showreel of images from the work of 25 selected members who submitted proposals will also be screened in the gallery throughout the exhibition.