Photography Exhibition | Eve Arnold x Danny Pope

23 MAY – 11 JULY 2014

A photography exhibition that explores the relationship between photographer and printer

Photography Exhibition | Eve Arnold

© Eve Arnold: Marilyn Monroe in the bulrushes, Mount Sinai, Long Island, 1954

Photofusion is pleased to present an exhibition of Eve Arnold images, selected from the archive of hand-printed Cibachromes by world-renowned photographic printer Danny Pope. This exhibition is curated by Eddie Otchere; photographer, curator and close friend of Pope’s. It opens a window to the unique relationship between the photographer and the printer.

Danny Pope has worked as a professional colour photographic printer for over twenty-five years, during which time his passion and reputation as a noted Cibachrome specialist led him to establish connections with some of the best photographic artists of the 20th Century, including Corinne Day, David Bailey and Eve Arnold.

The photography exhibition delves into the intimate yet discreet working relationship between photographer and printer, and the personalities involved behind the scenes throughout the photographic printing process. The audience will be invited to view the artist proofs and personally signed prints to Pope from Eve Arnold, and see how influential their working partnership was on their respective practices:

“Eddie chose Eve’s prints over the many other clients, as we had one of the most special relationships. It was her desire for perfection with one of the hardest media to hand print upon, the Cibachrome, that formed me as a printer.” (Danny Pope)

The works on display will be accompanied by Arnold’s notes to Pope, illuminating their reflections and anecdotes during the creation of the prints. Their relationship culminated in Pope producing prints for Arnold’s book ‘in Retrospect’ along with the prints shown at the Barbican in 1995.

Eve Arnold x Danny Pope not only credits the analogue photographic process, but honours the value of the print as a core component of photography. This is still incredibly relevant today; the final print is significant, whether it is by hand or digitally produced.

A series of talks and debates will accompany this exhibition, designed to give photographers and printers from both analogue and digital backgrounds a forum to share their knowledge, skills and experience. Further details will be circulated soon.

Danny Pope completed a Foundation Studies in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art in 1980. In 1983, he opened his own company Matchless Printing Ltd in Clerkenwell, London. He became a pioneer in Cibachrome printing allowing for his career to quickly take off with the rise of colour photography. Danny’s client list includes some of the most talented and revered names in photography and he printed many of the iconic images of fashion, art, music and advertising during the 80s, 90s and 00s. Danny won the first Ilford Printer of the Year Award given to a colour printer in 1993, and since then seven other Ilford Photographic awards and two British Picture Editor’s awards. Presently, Danny is printing in Italy and working with artists such as David Hiscock.

Photography Exhibition | Eve Arnold

© Eve Arnold print signed gift to Danny Pope

Accompanying Gallery Event

Curator’s exhibition tour and Q&A
Saturday 7 June, 15:00
Free for Members (£3.50 non-members)