Photography Exhibition | Jon Baker

6 FEBRUARY – 20 MARCH 2015

Photofusion is pleased to present emerging photographer and recent Chelsea College of Art BA Fine Art graduate, Jon Baker, with his first solo photography exhibition.

Mother's Medal (Blacked) no 66

© John Baker

Baker works within photography creating dramatic large-scale images through the manipulation of different objects and cross processing techniques. Shooting on 5×4 film, Baker creates representations of bodily forms that portray the repugnant seductive and aggressively beautiful notions of masculinity and sex.

Baker’s work explores notions of gender, masculinity and femininity. He is interested in how displays of masculinity are used to attract a partner, such as from within the animal kingdom where brightly coloured plumage and singing voices are used.

The title of the work, Mother’s Medal (Blacked) is in reference to a medal given to mothers by the Nazi party during 1938-1945.The medals were awarded to women who gave birth to a certain number of children. Bronze was awarded for those giving birth to four or five children, Silver for six or seven children and Gold for women giving birth to eight or more children. The Mothers Medal is a point of conflict. It has opposing ideas and beliefs literally marked onto its surface.

Since graduating from Chelsea College of Art, Jon Baker has exhibited in Parasol Exposure 14 Award group exhibition and been selected for the Catlin Guide 2015.