Photography Exhibition | Photofusion SELECT/15

29 MAY – 26 JUNE 2015

Artist Talks chaired be Federica Chiocchetti, Founding director of Photocaptionist

Thursday 11 June, 19:00
Free for Members (£5.00 non-members)
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Four exhibitors from the most recent members’ photography exhibition SALON/14, were selected to exhibit their full body of work in Photofusion’s SELECT/15 exhibition. These artists have each been awarded a bursary alongside mentoring from Photofusion staff towards developing and exhibiting new, unseen work.

The selected members include Emilia Moisio with her constructed images of cultural heritage within Finland from the project Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place); London-based photographer Lucy Levene with her series The Spaghetti Tree exploring Italian communities; Thomas Caron-Delion with his series A Dead Man In Deptford documenting the impending gentrification in London’s Deptford area; and finally London-based fashion and editorial photographer Willem Jaspert exhibiting his project on the small town of Hlinsko in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic.

Emilia Moisio

Emilia Moisio is a Finnish London-based freelance photographer whose photographs are induced by personal experiences of cultural misunderstandings that affect the way we perceive images and the world around us. Vieraalla maalla (In a Foreign Place) is set within this fabricated outlandish world where traditional Finnish, Carelian and Sami customs and practices have been given a slightly odd twist. The work invites the recipients to strive to decipher and locate the depicted world, thereby denoting the arbitrary nature of our interpretations of images so easily taken for granted.

Photography Exhibition | SELECT/15

© Emilia Moisio

Emilia Moisio is a Finnish London-based freelance photographer. Having graduated from University College Falmouth BA Photography course, she is currently studying MA in photography at the London College of Communication. Her photographs have been featured in a number of international exhibitions and art photography publications. Her fine art practice is guided by a post-modernist interest in exploring and questioning the role of photography in society, and consists mainly of conceptually based projects strongly focused and founded on using images as a tool to explore, analyze, develop and illustrate the structured framework of thought.

Lucy Levene

Lucy Levene is exhibiting work from her project The Spaghetti Tree which focuses on the Italian communities of Bedford & Peterborough that formed in the 1950s as men were recruited from Southern Italy to supplement labour shortages in the local Brick industry. Part documentary and part deconstruction of the documentary form, this series is in reference to the fake Panorama documentary that aired on the BBC in 1957 in which many Britons were persuaded that Spaghetti grew on trees. By foregrounding elements of photographic construction in some but not all images, Levene makes the viewer aware of her interventions and the artifice of photography, and in return gets them to question the ‘truth value’ of the documentary form.

Photography Exhibition | SELECT/15

© Lucy Levene

Lucy Levene (b.1978) is a photographer based in London whose work work explores British identity, focusing on different segments of society and treading a line between documentary and conceptual photography. She is the recipient of the 1000 Words photography Award 2012, a winner of Magenta Flash Forward in the same year and was selected for the Conscientious portfolio prize by Jorg Colberg in 2014. Her work has been shown extensively in North America and Europe, including group shows at MOMA in LA, Aperture Gal- lery in New York, The Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne and most recently at Flowers Gallery in London. Her por- traits have been included twice in the Schweppes Portrait prize at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Publications include ‘Regeneration; 50 Photographers of Tomorrow’ (Thames & Hudson) and ‘In Our World, New Photography in Britain’ (Skira), Portfolio Magazine and Uncertain States and recent blog publications
include 1000 Words magazine, Conscientious Photography Magazine and The New Yorker.

Thomas Caron-Delion

Thomas Caron-Delion will be exhibiting work which consists of a book and suite of photographs depicting the South London area of Deptford. The images reiterate a romantic fascination with the past, a want to preserve the present and a denial of the imminent. The photographs guide the viewier through the industry and energy that characterizes and identifies Deptford, highlighting the juxtaposition between the developing and the decaying.

Photography Exhibition | SELECT/15

© Thomas Caron-Delion

Thomas Caron-Delion is a documentary based photographer from South-East London. He graduated in 2014 from The University of Brighton where he studied Photography. Thomas makes work about living in London with a particular emphasis on issues concerned with change and belonging. Recent projects have focused on young skateboarders in Woolwich and the strange atmosphere that circles around Greenwich Peninsula – the ‘almost island’ of South London. Although documentary in origin, these projects are generated out of a very personal relationship to this pocket of South London.

Willem Jaspert

Willem Jaspert’s exhibited project aims to present an intimate portrayal of the customs and simple beauty of a town in decline. Every year the town of Hlinsko and the surrounding villages celebrate Masopust, a parade from house to house to ensure a rich harvest, fertility and to celebrate the imminent arrival of spring. This festival was added to the Unesco World Heritage List in 2010. Willem has made this celebration an important focus of his Hlinsko series, whilst also appreciating the beautiful details of everyday life in this extraordinary town.

Photography Exhibition | SELECT/15

© Willem Jaspert

Willem Jaspert studied the MA in Image & Communication at Goldsmith’s College before going on to assist fashion photographer Corinne Day. Willem incorporates a sensibility from the fashion and portraiture genres into his personal work, often focusing on dress and colour.