Photography Exhibition | Photofusion SELECT/13

3 – 31 MAY 2013

Four Members from Photofusion Salon 2012 (our re-launched Annual Members Show) have been awarded a bursary of £500 each towards a photography exhibition of new, unseen work in the new annual exhibition Photofusion Select 2013. The exhibiting Members include Italian portrait and documentary photographer Carlotta Cardana, showing her portrait series from the North London Mod scene; Italian born artist, photographer and video-poem maker Ariadne Radi Cor, with her project “13×13”; Royal College of Art MA graduate Dafna Talmor with her ongoing series “Constructed Landscapes”; and photographer and multi-media artist Tim Mitchell showcasing his documentary project “A Fish out of Water”.

All prints in the exhibition are for sale, including one print from each available in a Photofusion Edition. For more information or to reserve a print, please call us on 020 7738 5774

Education Pack

Carlotta Cardana

Carlotta Cardana develops projects that investigate contemporary issues of identity, belonging and community. For this series Cardana documents, from an outsider’s point of view, the people she met at a Mods all-nighter in North London. Focusing on the couples, and allowing them full control over what they wore and where they were photographed, Cardana has produced a series of captivating portraits, highlighting the subject’s merged identities, within this world that they have created for themselves.

Photofusion Edition

Ella & James, 2012 (image above) | Digital pigment print
Edition of 25 | Size 16 x 20” | Print only | Price £150

Ariadne Radi Cor

Ariadne Radi Cor spent the last several years photographing her surroundings with undiagnosed short-sighted vision. Her reality was soft focussed and at times undecipherable; photography has since been her way of maintaining such softness and distance. “13 x 13” is a series of small digital photographs taken behind windowpanes and surfaces that refract the light. They encourage use of the imagination and actively force the viewer to get up close to the photographs, an action common with those short-sighted.

Photofusion Edition

Balloons from the series Lyon Skylight, 2012 (image above) | Digital pigment print
Edition of 30 | Size 16 x 20” | Print only | Price £150

Dafna Talmor

Dafna Talmor’s ongoing series, Constructed Landscapes, consists of staged landscapes made of collaged and montaged colour negatives shot across different locations. Initially taken as mere keepsakes, the landscapes are merged and transformed through slicing and splicing. Her work transforms a specific place – initially loaded with personal meaning, memories and connotations – into a space that has been emptied of subjectivity and becomes universal. Constructed Landscapes references early pictorialist tendencies of combination printing as well as more modern experimental techniques such as montage and collage.

Photofusion Edition

Untitled (0811-1), 2012 (image above) | Digital pigment print
Edition of 50 | Size 16 x 20” | Print only | Price £200

Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell’s documentary project portrays the deconstruction of ships – with a focus on the working docks of Liverpool. A Fish Out of Water brings together photography, a 20-month time-lapse film, text and physical evidence to create a broad documentation of these workhorses of globalisation, and the hazards involved during their deconstruction. Through the combination of a time-lapse camera that took one photo every hour for the best part of two years, along with having free rein to explore the ship whilst it was being pulled to pieces, Mitchell was able to capture and convey the feeling and signs of the process, as it happened around him.

Photofusion Edition

Untitled, 2012 (image above) | Digital pigment print
Edition of 20 | Size 16 x 20” | Print only | Price £100