Friday 9th December 2022 – 27th January 2023


Thursday 8th December, 6:30pm – 9pm


We are pleased to present this year’s Photofusion Annual Members Show, SALON/22. This exhibition showcases the work of our growing community of creative members, whose work will cover the gallery walls from floor to ceiling. There are no categories or themes for this show. The aim of SALON is to showcase the breadth of creative practices within our membership and highlight individual images that are powerful enough to stand alone in representation of a captivating story or concept.



Aindreas Scholz, Albert Han, Alan Gignoux, Amit Lennon, Andrew Wiener, Angus Stewart, Ann Russell, Ann Edith Templeton, Anna Lerner, Anne-Marie Briscombe, Anthony Carr, Billy Parker, Carol Sharp, Caroline Harris, Cassian Gray, Charlotte Annand, Chloe Rosser, Chris Steel, Christopher Burrows, David Mooney, Dee Ramadan, Ed Sykes, Elisa Mazzuca, Ellie Laycock, Estelle Vincent, Frances McAllister, Hannah Norton, Heather Glazzard, Hugh Cunningham, Jan Enkleman, Joel Ford, Katie Bonner, Keifer Taylor, Kim Thornton, Kristy Gosling, Krzysztof (Kristof) Krolikowski, Ky Lewis, Mandy Williams, Maria Pia Jaime, Michael Wharley, Naomi James, Natalie Robinson, Nina Allmoslechner, Oscar Mcquillian, Paul Ferman, Paul Graville, Pippa Healy, Rosie Barnes, Ross Wilson, Ryan Prince, Saara Mantyla, Sandrine Aim, Sara Leigh Lewis, Siew Chan, Steve Pill, Sue Ridge, Susanne Hakuba, Syl Ojalla, Ted Giles, Valerie Bennett, Viktorija Pociute, Wendy Aldiss & Zara Pears.


Located at Photofusion Gallery, Brixton

(Gallery Entrance) 27 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, London, SW9 8QQ