Sian Bonnell l Ten Seconds

© Sian Bonnell, Ten Seconds, #11, 2022

Ten Seconds

Photofusion presents Ten Seconds, a solo exhibition by British photographer Sian Bonnell. Much of the work was created during a short residency at Photofusion Gallery in early 2022. This exhibition will invite you into the unique process of Bonnell’s photographic practice and will also include an earlier series, made at the British School in Rome. Bonnell works with available objects and spaces, challenging our ideas around the nature of art and its subject-matter. The show will be on public display from the; 6th of May until the 10th of June 2022.

“I see my camera as my partner in crime – my provocateur; it dares me to do things. In this way it becomes a magical agent. Point a camera at any child, they will play up, show off, pull faces and adults will pose. All of this is performance, the camera demands it – and we are complicit.

In March this year, I was given a two-day residency to make some pictures in the gallery space at Photofusion. Previously, the last work I had made on a different residency in Rome in 2017, was a set of experimental works opting to work only with what was ‘at hand’. Using the mops and brooms lying around the place and cardboard boxes rescued from the rubbish, objects that were worth nothing in themselves. I found I had been testing the Serious Play of John Cage – both in work and method, particularly in the towel and sheet throwing piece which was a direct link to Marcel Duchamp’s Dada artwork 3 Standard Stoppages that he made in 1913.

This time, the main driver for my Photofusion work was the ten-second timer that I set to make these pictures, each performance lasting for as long as the camera shutter remained open. I made impromptu sculptures out of the strange and assorted objects and equipment left lying around in the gallery corridors behind the scenes while the gallery space was changing prior to the next show. I became intrigued with this idea of time, speed, and balance – quite literally catching moments. What interested me most, were the instants and movements a little bit off or a little bit out, implying impending disaster or complete failure, fractions of seconds before occurring.” – Sian Bonnell.

Curated by Katy Barron.


Ten Seconds from 6th May – 10th June 2022 at Photofusion Gallery.

Sian Bonnell Masterclass – Working With What’s There, 21st & 22nd May


Sian Bonnell, Ten Seconds, Installation shot taken by George Meyrick