Scanning Suite Hire

Our dedicated, air conditioned scanning room features an Imacon 949 Virtual Drum Scanner, with a maximum optical resolution of 8000ppi, as well as an Epson 10000XL A3 plus flat bed scanner, suitable for scanning art work up to A3, as well as film, making an excellent choice for producing digital contact sheets.

The scanners are driven by a dual quad core MacPro, with the Adobe Creative Suite CS5, connected to a fully colour managed, calibrated Eizo screen.

The scanning room is available to hire in 20 minute slots, and for those who have not used the Imacon (with Flexcolor software), an induction is given in the first session (inductions are available Monday – Friday between 10:00 and 5:00PM, first session is always one hour). For first phentermine 37.5 dieet pills time users, a basic knowledge of Photoshop is useful, and those with experience of raw file processing can normally be up and running within five minutes.

Holders are available for scanning strips of 6 35mm frames, individual 35mm frames, strips of 120 film, individual frames of 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7, as well as for scanning 5×4 film. The Imacon scanner does not take mounted 35mm slides.

To minimise the time needed to clean up your scans, we recommend bringing cotton gloves, to prevent nasty finger prints. A low pressure, filtered compressed air line is now installed, to help remove dust

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Scanning Suite Prices

Non-Members Members Students

20 mins £20 £15 £10
40 mins £30 £25 £20
60 mins £40 £35 £30

Imacon 949 Professional Film Scanner

Imacon 949 Professional Film Scanner

Epson 10000XL A3+ flatbed scanner for copying flat art work or creating digital contact

Photofusion A3+ flatbed scanner