11.59 Exhibition

Margaret Street Gallery
23 – 26 January | 10.00 – 20.00

The 11.59 Exhibition at Margaret Street Gallery brings together 11 up and coming young photographers from around the UK, each exhibiting their own interesting and varied projects. This exhibition is only on for a short amount of time, taking place from 23rd to 26th January, so hurry along to see it!

An interesting portrait series is on display from Daniel Patrick Lilley, a recent AUCB graduate, documenting four army cadets; young boys on the path to joining the infantry. The naivety and innocence on the boys’ faces, in contrast with their uniforms and the intimidating weapons they’re brandishing results in an interesting, morally confusing set of images.

Lily Bertrand-Webb, another AUCB graduate, has her series ‘everyday’ on display, documenting her daily life, friends and family. After suffering profound hearing loss from the age of two, Lily learned to use photography at the age of 11 to express her emotions and communicate to the world. She aims to produce work that is personal and intimate, working only with film and natural light. The way her photographs are displayed makes a nice change, showing a different aspect of her work from each side of the podium.

Christine Santa-Ana is a BA Photography Graduate from Middlesex University, having recently received a scholarship to take this on to MA. She has one image on display from her ongoing social documentary series about her father. The image Christine has chosen to display shows herself standing next to her father, both looking straight into the camera, resulting in a powerful image. The difference in clothing, expression and presence is interesting, yet the family resemblance remains clear.


Written by Laura Trosh, Intern